Ham And CheeseEffect
Insight into a choreography of jurisdiction, gentrification, and the Bodega-bought Ham and Cheese sandwich within the walls of Bushwick, Brooklyn.
The Bodega sits at an intersection between populations of incoming residence, and those of long-established permanence. A place of social gathering, the Bodega acts as a vessel for local discourse, a platform of democracy in its most distilled format.
Although rent prices have dipped beneath their peak in 2015, the average price for a 1-bedroom apartment in Bushwick Brooklyn is still a staggering $2,572.00.
The Ham and Cheese sandwich, being one of the most ordered items across the New York Bodega landscape, stands as a perfect metric for tracking areas more gentrified than others.
Visiting the Bodegas dotting the Bushwick landscape will start to reveal these not so hidden disparities.